Management Reports

Public entities have to provide information about the actions executed by them, and show the results of such actions. Below, the most recent management reports are presented, which provide results not only at the System- level, but also at the Institution- level; such results are product of the most relevant actions executed to accomplish the objectives established in the National Plan of Development.

Control Entities

CTI Management

Science, technology, and Innovation Indicators

The Colombian Observatory of Science and Technology - - is the research center of the System. It is independent and specialized in the production of CTI statistics and indicators. Its main activities are:

  • Production of indicators about the CTI situation
  • Standardization and regularization of methodologies and indicators- systematization of information..

The publications about science and technology in the country may be consulted through the following links:

Colciencias Management Indicators-SIGOB

Colciencias, as the entity in charge of guiding and promoting the national scientific and technological development, structures a system of information and indicators that allows it to synchronize the course of actions of the institutions and its prioritized objectives, reflecting the institutional complexity, but keeping the clarity that must feature such development to make its appropriation possible for the community.

SIGOB indicators are found among the most important indicators of the institutional management process.

SIGOB is the Control System for Governmental Objectives, which consists of a set of methodologies that take advantage of computer tools to follow up the schedule, management, and results of the main action programs of the government, established in the National Plan of Development.  This control system provides a simultaneous and transparent access to the relevant information in qualitative and quantitative terms, about the results of the government.

Colciencias has 6 indicators that allow the entity to compare the progress in the implementation process of the programs under its control, within the National Plan of Development, and  the expected results of such programs. This information may be checked out  in the following link: